Voice Of The Voiceless

by Borderlands

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released June 10, 2016

Mixed & Mastered by Nicolas Delestrade



all rights reserved


Borderlands Lisbon, Portugal

5 piece Progressive Metalcore band from Lisbon, Portugal.

For fans of Northlane, Erra, Elitist, Invent Animate...

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Track Name: Children Of The Storm (feat. Nelson Rebelo from The Voynich Code)
Our face reflected deep in the water,
Revealing the false mirrors of hope and truth.
Exposing the sins of our father.

I can hear the earth cry for help.
Narrow minded beasts destroy our future,
As we live blind in the shallow life surrounding.
Pure thrill that become pure sadness,
Begging us to stop this madness.

Drowned by all this information,
We’ve closed our hearts in trade of subjugation.
And all the stories that made you at ease,
And masked what was taken away.

Floating eyes running through my sight,
As I witness the fragments of these broken minds,
Showing me the lies of our lives.

What made us so hollow that made us forget everything?
We’ve grown away, cast aside from our true form,
Our humanity.

I feel the light in me, emerging from within.

To my mother I beg for forgiveness,
As I wait for the sunset to turn into the night sky.
The rain that will come to wash away this fabricated plague.

Humanity created the end, humanity’s destiny.
Track Name: Release Yourself
Release yourself from this air we breathe.
We’ve been leading a path of self-judgment.

Why choose this endless search of approval,
From false idols who just want to step on your back.
Blinded morals overwhelmed by self-centeredness.
I wrote this final statement for anyone to hear.

We made our goals so pitiful, with no care about our home,
Or the extinction of a beautiful creature with no power over man.

Decipher the signals left by our mother.
We were born to create, but so easily designed.
We were born to create but I still hear the cries from a starving child.

Release yourself!
From the depths of your being, you are the dream.
The dream of our ancestors.

Release yourself.
We’ve been leading a path of self-judgment.
Track Name: Lineage
How I begged,
How I begged to turn back time.
The writings on the wall,
A past covered in blood.

Meaningless acts of cruelty
Will not stop disorder from expanding
The cracks in existence.

Have you left your mark to your descendants?
Will you live in peace with your decisions?
If you leave tomorrow.

Unfold the meanings of your endings,
For all that ends there’s a new beginning.

Time is just a river.

Time is just a river
Flowing by, always forward.

How I begged to turn it back.
Track Name: Limitless
These cold nights and empty pockets
Will not dictate our perseverance.
Limitless are the dreams created by the days of our lives.
We’ll stand together until the end arrives.

Ticking away are the hours we’ve counted endlessly.
We’ve been awakened against the obstacles of this industry.

Whatever the costs, the prices above, we’ll struggle our own way.
This is where we belong.

As brothers and family we will stand through and through.
The ups and downs, the laughter and the cries,
The new beginnings, the goodbyes.
The moments so pure but cutted half ways.

The sunrise is not so far away,
Where we will be for the rest of our days.
We belong together, we belong.

The sunrise is not so far away,
Where we will be for the rest of our days.
We belong together, forever.
Track Name: Essencia
Twisted and torn for the aches, the mistakes,
They’ve made all my days.
An endless cycle painted with shades of grey.

Hopeless words, open pages,
Histories that were never created,
No happy endings.

Filled with illusions,
I was consumed by a blurry reality.

I just want to fill the colors of my world,
Everything went blank for a moment.
I have stepped on shallow grass of long gone misadventures,
Everything went blank for a moment.

How much have we hidden ourselves?
How many times words were unspoken?

Your presence, so absent,
I’m fed up with this resentment.

We made the wildest promises,
like invisible wanderers.

In a subconscious state of mind,
I wander off in plains, where the wind pushes me towards you.
I still lose myself, can we one day be found?
In another parallel existence,
Be found.
Track Name: Voice Of The Voiceless
Another silent beating by the hands of a coward,
Leaving behind a trail of bruises and scars.
How can we stand by this degradation of humanity,
How can we close our eyes to those without a helping hand.

An addiction inflicted created a slave,
Another daughter taken away,
Sold like sheep to the highest bidder.

I am the voice of the voiceless,
From the tongues ripped out without love or compassion.
I am the voice of the voiceless,
I am the voice of the abused.

And after all this time, you’ll see how much you’ve lied
To the mirror, how much have you given yourself away.

How much have you swallowed your soul?
Track Name: The Curse (feat. Anger from Above The Hate)
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine a picture perfect paradise,
Untouched and unharmed by the hands of a goddess.

This is the story about how blind ambition,
Ripped off the wings of an endless dreamer.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was meant to fly,
he was born to reach the sky.
But all his dreams just flew by,
When greatness overcame the prize.

Melted away, those wax wings have dripped slowly to eternity.
They’ve fallen in the ocean of insanity.
Not listening the wiser have compromised him, so he killed the dream. And now he’s only meant to be in an ancient myth,
He’s not very different of you and me.

Time and time again, this curse has been spread,
Across mountains and seas.
This place has been crushed by fear.
Will there be a day when all just disappears?

This was the price of Icarus.
And blind perception overwhelmed his spirit.

Can you reach to that picture perfect paradise,
where you, where you can be truly alive.
Can you reach to that picture perfect paradise
Where you can be truly alive.

This was the price of Icarus.
Track Name: Children Of The Sun
Show me the secrets of this universe
What lies beyond this realm?
What stands behind my shattered existence?

Will I be reborn a star?
Watching over our loved ones
As we fly through the cosmos
Burning so bright

Will we become the children of the sun?
Guiding over our generations
But I know you'll give me safe passage
When I cross the boundaries of this world

Formed in mystery

Constantly I've laid my burdens down on myself
A humble sinner despite my faith

Breathe me into a new life again
'Cause I still feel you everyday

And on my moments of silence
I often speak your name
All I have are the memories
And your picture in a frame

I know you'll always be around me
You'll always be a part of me